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Weekend in Copenhagen

Weekend in Copenhagen

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Got a very cheap deal through Expedia for a weekend break in Copenhagen.  The boy and I had never been, he has a friend there and it was also an excuse to celebrate the boys 43rd birthday and get out of London to clear the cobwebs.

We flew with Norwegian Air which was one of the more relaxing flights I’ve taken.  The seats seem to have a bit more leg room than the usual cattle grade seats.  I loved their in flight entertainment.  They showed fun short films made by up and coming film makers and many were adorable animation ones.  I also loved the nature photos they showed which made it super hard to not fall asleep which was probably a good thing!


We stayed at Hotel SP34 which is a fabulously located trendy hotel.  I did think it was a bit annoying how every evening there were loads of people drinking in the lobby with loud music as if you’re trying to get away to relax this doesn’t help.  I would go back in an instant though just for the cozy fireplace, the lovely staff and the organic buffet breakfast.  I’ve travelled a lot and they had one of the most memorable, lovely and healthy breakfasts I’ve ever had.  I was so disappointed to have to leave early on the last day as it meant we would miss the breakfast!! Maybe the hotel could consider a packed takeaway option for those that have to leave before breakfast opens??? 

Memorable places we ate/drank:

Our first full day we met up with friends who live in Copenhagen and had pie at the American Pie Company.  They were quite busy so the service was a little slow but the warm Chicken pot pie was absolutely amazing.  For dessert I had warm apple pie and ice cream and the boy had lemon meringue.  As an American who hasn’t had proper American pie in ages it was absolutely dreamy to be able to go here.  Living in the UK they have pie but not like this!  

For lunch the 2nd day we had burgers at gasoline grill.  I had heard that they were voted as one of the best burgers in the world by Bloomberg.  The buns weren’t dry like most burgers are and I didn’t feel like I was going to have a coronary like you do after some burgers.  It was quite feeling and cheap too (Copenhagen isn’t particularly cheap for food).

Our last meal was at Vaekst which is the restaurant right next door to where we stayed.  It was very cold and snowing most days and we didn’t want to go very far our last night.  It turned out to be absolutely amazing meal.  We ordered the 3 course vegetarian meal to try to be a bit healthy and they kept bringing out extra food that we weren’t expecting so it turned into almost a 5 course meal.  I’ve had some amazing meals in my life but this ranks up in the top 5.  It was more of an experience if anything and was quite unique.  The sorbet, mashed potatoes and chocolate truffle were my absolute favourites of the evening,  If you go to Copenhagen you must try this place as it’s incredible!

What we did: 

We usually have a bit more of a busier type trip but the both of us really wanted to have a quiet break for once.  On Saturday we met with an old travel buddy of the boys who live in Copenhagen and showed us around most of the sites like Rosenberg Castle, where the Royal Family live, etc.  Copenhagen is an easy place to just walk everywhere and not worry about public transport.  Before we just wandered we went to the Botanical Garden which was my favourite thing.  It’s almost a Victorian esque Gazebo like Kew Garden in London but bigger.  Not only was there the traditional palm house but two other rooms on each side including water lilies.  I think it easily rivals the palm house at Kew and unlike Kew this is FREE which makes it even lovelier!  There’s quite a few green open spaces in Copenhagen and this palm house sits in a lovely garden with water and ducks nearby.  They had a place you could sit and have tea outside with warm fuzzy blankets.  Perfect place to visit no matter the weather.

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The second day we went Rundetaarn or Round Tower.  It’s a tower with a circular ramp instead of stairs to get to the top.  Apparently royalty wanted to take a horse and carriage up (as one does) so thus the ramp.  It was absolutely freezing and something probably best left to the summer but I enjoyed the views of the city with the snow covered rooftops.  

One of my other favourite things was Nyhavn which we saw wandering around our first day but came back to again our second day.  It used to be an area for prostitution actually for the sailors but now it’s a tourist hot spot and super picturesque.  When you see postcards of Copenhagen you will usually see this.  The wooden boats and the houses and bright colours were just delightful. 

Loved learning about the Danish philosophy of hygge which is like embracing the little/cozy things in life.  Lots of candles are everywhere and although it was freezing it was quite a lovely place to visit.  Looking forward to coming back here very soon!




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